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Jul 9, 2018

2nd update


Edited: Aug 29, 2018

UTC 05:30 ~ 07:30


1. In the lobby, acommunity button will be added that displays game notices, patch notes, etc.​2. Improvements & Bug fixes


​Known issues

1. Pop-up notappearing when received individual donation during offline status

2. Local pushmalfunctioning (Card Request Cool-time)

3. Worldachievement message from chat achievement message not being applied immediately

4. White display of IOS legendary is fixed.

5. Client matchmaking join message appearing 2 times is fixed.

6. Result changing when viewing replay is fixed.

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New Posts
  • 1. Maintenance Date - 2018.08.29 2. Maintenance Time (3h) - UTC 05:00 ~ 08:00 - Republic of Korea 14:00 ~ 17:00 - Singapore 13:00 ~ 16:00 - New Zealand 17:00 ~ 20:00 - Malaysia 13:00 ~ 16:00 3. Maintenance details - Additions and changesof event quest - UI Renewal - Promotional items that can be purchased by gold are added. - Bug fix, Improvements
  • 1. Regular maintenance (Completed) 1) Inspection details - We Bare Bears Update - Bug fixes, Balance 2. 1 vs 1 Hot TIme Result 1) Event Winner - hauvu - 1igoraxim 2) Event Product : Select one type of emoticon the player wants 3) Winners who win the event should send a message to the Facebook page. *After confirming your identity, the product will be paid. * Facebook Access : Setting -> Account -> Facebook -> Message
  • * CartoonNetwork Arena Hot Time Survey Link Hello to users of the Cartoon Network Arena! We assume many users are experiencing inconvenience due to the rocky game play. Therefore, we plan on holding the below event. 1. Voting for the HOT TIME 1) We will hold a voting event to understand when users enjoy our game the most. 2) We will notify users through the in-game notice of the time when many users can access based on the votes. EX) Everyday 12:00~13:00 UTC 3) Users who have read the notice will gather in the promised time and engage in normal battles. * Voting time 2018.07.31 UTC 07:00 ~ 2018.08.06 UTC 01:00 2018.07.31 SIN 15:00 ~ 2018.08.06 SIN 09:00 2018.07.31 KOR 16:00 ~ 2018.08.06 KOR 10:00 2018.07.31 NZL 19:00 ~ 2018.08.06 NZL 13:00 * Result Notice Through the in-game notice on 2018.08.06 * URL - Click 'Read more' on the notice → Click 'Event Notice' → Click the URL → Submit vote. - 2. Event Notice 1) We will send one set of emoticons to the user who engaged in the most battles within the HOT TIME. (Total number of normal battles within the event period) 2) Event period : To be notified after the results of the vote 3) Event prize : One set of emoticons to choose (There may be more prizes if there are more players.) 4) Event notice : To be noticed after choosing the event period 3. Future plans * We are currently discussing methods to let users have a smoother gaming experience, and we will soon come up with a solution. * Additional countries for launching 1) Malaysia - August 2) Official launching in Asia - October * Planned updates 1) We Bare Bears 2) Individual Leagues 3) Steven Universe 4. Please submit any questions or suggestions by clicking the Questions button in our official Facebook site, and we'll answer them with great care.